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Thrifted Thursdays

photo (71)Jeans: J. Brand (thrifted), Blouse: Joie (clothing swap), Sweater: Vince (clothing swap), Necklaces: Vintage, Shoes: Aldo



Look and See

I love and hate three-day weekends. Love because, “Hey holiday”! Hate because, “Boo it’s over.” But at least it’s something. We stayed in the city but I kind of love it because there aren’t as many people and you end up noticing things that were always around you but you never took the time to “see” as my art teacher would say. I know I wear this skirt a lot but it’s just so versatile! Night clubbing in the city to day strolling in Brooklyn what else could you ask for in a skirt?

Shirt: Unknown, Skirt: Zara, Sandals: Dolce Vita, Purse: Fossil (saw the purse before the label and still loved it)

Hope you had an awesome weekend or at least got some seriously need R&R like I did!

Am I Cool Enough Sir?

I had a friend in town visiting last weekend so we got the old crew together and decided to do what we did best and go to a club. While clubbing was all fine and dandy in college and there wasn’t a night of the week that we didn’t make the effort to reach some dark sweaty pit with looping techno beats and top 40’s remixes lately such nights had apparently made it out of my weekly routine and into the category of things I only do when a friend is in town visiting. I only realized how I had become such an outsider to this scene once I was already standing between a girl with too much leather on for a) summer b) a crowded club and some nerd, Brooklynite, hipster whose specs were unconventionally large and suspiciously lacking of actual lenses. Regardless it was fun and after all the time I’ve spent not going clubbing I think I made a pretty good effort to blend right in. So for some inspiration for your weekend (weekends start on Thursdays didn’t you  know?) here’s the look that I deemed good enough for wiggling my booty to music I didn’t recognize, downing some vodka with old friends, and getting offered a joint while waiting in line for the bathroom.

Tank: DKNY, Skirt: H&M, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Purse: See by Chloe, 

Was it a big mistake? Should the doorman have rejected me?


So it seems that while my iPhone is the center of my universe and I expect it to do everything and anything I ask (it has yet to learn to clean up my apartment and print out $100 bills at my command) it was a little bit of a shock when it told me that it was full. And so I remembered that the little guy can only take so much and sometimes needs a detox to purge it of my incessant picture snapping and old music that would be getting rusty were music still made of…well whatever, vinyls? It’s quite impressive how the pictures on your phone really seem to tell a lot about you. A much better party ice-breaker game than “what’s in your pockets?” for sure. I, for example, am obsessed with three things it seems:

1) Food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, night caps, alcohol (that’s food right?)

2) Saffy – my cat who has claimed the role of alarm clock except without the snooze button

3) Taking poorly composed pictures on the fly of what I’m wearing

And I only just noticed i’m wearing the same shoes in each picture…guess I’m getting my money’s worth!

So there you have it just in case there wasn’t enough of a visual information overload in your day 😉 What does your phone say about you?

Styling Rules for Fools?

I found these shots and didn’t realize until now that I never actually posted them! Silly me I know. So I don’t know if you’ve heard but apparently there are these styling rules about if you’re wearing tight on top you wear loose on the bottom or tight on the bottom loose on top and ying yang stuff like that but I’ve been really into wearing loose blousy tops with flowy skirts. (Both blowsy and flowy apparently also aren’t word according to my auto correct so if you learn anything from me today don’t let it be spelling). I just think that if you slap on a pair of interesting heels it makes for an easy breezy comfy outfit that’s still a little put together with the help of heels and some solid simply jewellery.

Blouse: Forever21, Skirt: H&M, Heels: BCBG

So shall we throw those rules to the wind? Or do I need to go back and stick to styling school rules?

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