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Month: October, 2011

Nerding About

I was a nerd all throughout my academic life but since I graduated a was feeling a little nerd-less so I figured it was time to bring out my inner nerd again and see how she was doing…

…reading Shakespeare and talking to Saffy and standing about like a total dork. Not much has changed it seems 😉

Still living like a college girl. shirt, sweater, jacket and jeans: Forever21, boots: Dolce Vita

necklace: donated from my momma’s closet

It actually felt pretty good to show off some nerd swagger. Is swagger the word? I don’t even think I know what swagger means…am I even cool enough to use it? Do I need like a permission slip for that word? What permission slip? No I’m a grown-up now I can use the bathroom whenever I feel like it!!! So there!!


Dear Closet, some new shoes please!

OMG I’m trying soooo hard not to buy these right now! I mean it’s fall, it’s cold and I need to stock up on my boots closet which is currently consisting of about 2 pairs of tall boots and 3 pairs of booties of which I only actually wear one of each…that’s not very much…next to nothing really…so I need to invest in my boots but these are just so pretty and on saaaaale and bright and colourful and i feel like my shoe collection needs some sprucing up desperately. (I feel like I’m living out one of Isla Fisher’s internal shopping debates in Confessions of a Shopaholic – now that’s a little pathetic)

“hmmmm maaaaybe? yes? no! just a little? can’t! but it’s worth it? so is waking up early but that never happens. but its cold in the morning. Fall is here, get used to it. Fine! FINE!” – Eternal Internal Debate

Say No to Winter Coats….for now

I refuse to turn to the simple solution to the cold and pull out my winter coats from hiding! I refuse! So I’ll leave them hibernating until my fingers and toes start turning to ice. In the mean time I’m layering it on like Donkey Kong

sweater vest: Forever21, leather jacket: Walter, jeans: Triton (brazilian), shirt: Rock Lily (brazilian), booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Took a cue from my fellow blogger at City Surf + Beach Grind and improvised on the leather sleeves trend. I was nice and cosy and no winter coat needed!

Me:1 vs. imminent Winter: 0 … Success!

Day ‘n Night The First

Because this wouldn’t be a legit blog without one…my first day-to-night post!

We begin with the outfit…a billowy polka-dotted blouse and bright skirt (just cause fall has arrived doesn’t mean colours have to disappear! I refuse!) and some stockings ’cause the heater in my apartment has still not been turned on and baby it’s cold outside!

The canvas:

blouse: H&M, skirt: Forever21, stockings: Hue

Buongiorno! For the daylight:

booties: Arezzo, cardigan: BCBG MAXAZRIA, leather jacket: Walter

And for the night-light… Buonasera!

heels: Bebe, purse: Arezzo

Cause when you’ve got 10 minutes on the clock to walk in the door, take a breath after a 5 story walk-up, get ready and back out the door there’s nothing like some high heels and a clutch to primp up an outfit.

Melting Pot

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always get it right. Getting dressed  is like playtime for me (yes ok some days I wish walking out in my birthday suit were appropriate just so I don’t have to pick out clothes…but most of the time it’s like playtime!!) This day I couldn’t exactly decide what I wanted to wear so instead I just mixed it all up and went with it

Tribalesk jewellery? Check.

short necklace: Forever21, long necklace: donated from my mother dearest’s jewelery closet (yes she has a closet!), blouse: vintage

Japanese granny shirt? Why not?

Sports jacket? But of course!

jacket: Adidas originals

I admit I felt super baller in this jacket…like a modern extra on the set of Grease – The Revenge of the Jackets

High ponytail braid? Hellz yes.

jeans: J Brand, booties: Arezzo (brazilian shoe brand)

and some open toed suede/leather booties to top it off!

That was fun!

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