The Pencil Skirt

by Erika

I love me a pencil skirt…on everyone else except me. For some reason I never seem to think I get it right. But I have a skirt and wanted to wear it so I gave it another shot. I wanted to look professional but not boring so I decided to add a laid back bright sweater and colourful necklace. I think I did ok this time 😉

Sweater: Forever 21, Skirt: Banana Republic, Boots: Dolce Vita

I made this necklace myself! …well kinda. It was part of a blouse that I just never wore but never got rid of because I loved the beading on it. So I decided to sever the beading from its hideous body and voila “homemade” bold statement necklace!

Man I’ll regret posting these one day…I think these photos are evidence enough that I need to learn the whole “posing” thing…but I’m no model and these were a result of a) being too lazy to bother opening my umbrella on my walk home and b)being too lazy to fix my hair and make-up for these pictures…so if you get anything from these its my laziness it seems but aaaaanyway…its about the clothes people!