It’s a buttery lane

by Erika

Butter Lane is right on my block and my sister got me vouchers for cupcake classes last Christmas so I finally decided it was time to put them to use. There was so much cake and so much frosting it was like being in Candyland…no better Cupcakeland! By the end of it my friend and I were swimming in cupcakes!

Ha! I didn’t realise until now that there’s the plate on the table ready for us to devour some cupcakes 😛 but there were way too many we couldn’t eat them all if we tried so luckily we had some bithdays to go to that night

daydreaming about the cupcakes i had just eaten… I was a happy camper

and to think my friend won a voucher for half a dozen free cupcakes for being the best cupcake froster…mmmmmmm!!!