Dear Closet, some new shoes please!

by Erika

OMG I’m trying soooo hard not to buy these right now! I mean it’s fall, it’s cold and I need to stock up on my boots closet which is currently consisting of about 2 pairs of tall boots and 3 pairs of booties of which I only actually wear one of each…that’s not very much…next to nothing really…so I need to invest in my boots but these are just so pretty and on saaaaale and bright and colourful and i feel like my shoe collection needs some sprucing up desperately. (I feel like I’m living out one of Isla Fisher’s internal shopping debates in Confessions of a Shopaholic – now that’s a little pathetic)

“hmmmm maaaaybe? yes? no! just a little? can’t! but it’s worth it? so is waking up early but that never happens. but its cold in the morning. Fall is here, get used to it. Fine! FINE!” – Eternal Internal Debate