Nerding About

by Erika

I was a nerd all throughout my academic life but since I graduated a was feeling a little nerd-less so I figured it was time to bring out my inner nerd again and see how she was doing…

…reading Shakespeare and talking to Saffy and standing about like a total dork. Not much has changed it seems 😉

Still living like a college girl. shirt, sweater, jacket and jeans: Forever21, boots: Dolce Vita

necklace: donated from my momma’s closet

It actually felt pretty good to show off some nerd swagger. Is swagger the word? I don’t even think I know what swagger means…am I even cool enough to use it? Do I need like a permission slip for that word? What permission slip? No I’m a grown-up now I can use the bathroom whenever I feel like it!!! So there!!