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Month: November, 2011

The Revival 4: Meow!

…and not cause its hot. But I got caught in the rain on my way home and wasn’t really looking presentable so I thought I’d bring  my Saffy into the picture ’cause she’s always adorable!! The piece to come back out into the daylight isssss….tweed pants!

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Forever21, Shoes: Aldo (last seen here), Necklace: home-made, Cat head: Saffy (one of a kind and its mine!)

So I’m keeping really realz here because I had just come out of the rain and so the dark spots on my pants is just wet pant from the rain so no I did not have some sort of “accident” through my knees no siree, I’m just a little bit scruffy that’s all. Who doesn’t love a little scruff? Or as my friends call me ‘disheveled’. Serious debate about these wide legged pants though…its one of those pieces that seems to look good on everyone else but when I put them on I’m just not so sure. So what do you think?


Got My New Shoes On!

For those who don’t know that was a Paolo Nutini reference of when he was young and hot and before he decided to sing like a 60 year old reggae artist. Aaaaaanywho! Just got these booties from BCBG (even though my mother insists these are in no way considered boots or any deviation of them) and I love the cut out and the little metal detail of the heel and of course I haaaad to wear them to dinner that same night!

Necklace: street market in Malaysia, Sweater: Forever21, Skirt: BCBG

Nothing like a new pair of shoes to make the world feel like a pretty place to be.

The Revival Part 3: Visiting Ma Momma

I’ve been wanting to wear this scarf I have as a big bow for ages now but always felt its was a little too school girlie. So if you’re already out of school when do you wear it? How about visiting your mommy dearest! Then you can remind her of how at one stage you were young and in school and how it was totally appropriate back then to wear big bows and how just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean your desire for big bows has in any way diminished.

We were actually on our way out the door which is why I had my shades on. I’m no fool who wears shades in doors no sir!

Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Shirt and Skirt: Forever21, Scarf: unknown, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Fell in loooove with this vest I saw at BCBG! It was so funky and the faux fur was so soft! Definitely a way to spice up a wardrobe! Unfortunately I was on the hunt solely for soles and had my mom there to keep me on track. But I did walk around the store with it on for a good 40 minutes until I had to leave – gotta squeeze as much juice out as you can!

The Revival Part 2

I’ve had this little cardigan forever but I just never thought to wear it. It’s been sitting there patiently in my drawer waiting to live out its full potential. So for it’s loyalty I owed it a second chance.

The victim:

Cardigan: Zara

 Jacket: Rock Lily (Brazilian), Snood: BCBG

Jacket: Elie Tahari, Jeans: Forever21, Heels: Zara

I was feeling a little Emmanuelle Alt vibe this morning can you tell?? – obviously no comparison but a girl can dream!

Let It Out!

One thing that always bugs me about scarves and coats and sweaters etc is that they always cover up my necklaces! And I’m in a huge necklace and rings only phase ( my ears and wrists aren’t getting as much attention as they probably should). So why not wear my necklaces over my clothes! Yey total break through I know! Can you believe that I’m such a genius?!

Scarf: Animale (Brazilian), Necklace: Brazilian street market (made of Acai seeds!)

Blazer and Shirt: H&M, Leather Pants: Topshop, Shoes: Fit (Brazilian)

Necklace on the inside and the outside woo hoo!!

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