Chasing Coat Tails

by Erika

Funny enough the title of this post couldn’t be more true. I mean I’m not obsessed with coat tails or anything…but I do love me some layers!! especially when playing with different lengths and there’s some peekaboo action going on. By peekaboo I mean you can see the clothes underneath the clothes get it? No aaaactual peekabooing guys gross. Anyways…I saw this girl speed walking down the street New York style and I had to snap a picture cause a) her sweater had elbow patches (elbow patches are always awesome) b) she had this boots that seemed like she had traveled back to the 1920’s or whenever they were in style and decided to get herself an original pair and c) she had a little bit of jean coat tail going on. (yes JEAN!)

Unfortunately she was walking too fast for me to chase her down so had to take a stalker photo from behind… The guy next to me seemed to think that was not normal… Don’t think he understands the whole panic involved in capturing a photo of an unknowing moving target and the desperation of getting that pic to later post! Oh well he wasn’t wearing any cool shoes anyway…


Seeee!?!! So worth being a creepy stalker!

Oh and PS YEY to my first mobile post!! Hope it comes out ok!