Peeling Me like an Onion

by Erika

Don’t worry I’m not going to make you cry…unless you think my styling is so terrible and it tragically affects you …then you might need to start seeing a shrink…or maybe I will have to if it’s really that bad!

Bracelets: chain and cuff unknown, beaded from Thailand

The first and last bracelet are from street vendors. The gold colour has faded but I actually think the bracelets are a lot more interesting than they were before now that they  have different tones.

There are a few layers in this outfit like an onion…so let’s peel away!

layer oooone…

Layer twooooo…I love this jacket and have been wearing it with everything

Ta daaaaa!! aaaand that’s all I’m going to take off for you tonight folks!!

Overcoat and Sweater: Forever21, Scarf: Animale (Brazilian), Jacket: Elie Tahari, Blouse: BCBGGeneration,  Jeans: J Brand, Heels: Zara 

Also just in case you were wondering (cause so far I haven’t worn much make-up in any of my posts) my lipstick is from Wet n’ Wild. I really wanted to get bright pink lipstick but wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it so thought I’d get a really cheap one (it was 99cents yo!) and test it out before investing…conclusion? Love it! I feel like a little kid and have so much fun with it! So definitely going to invest in one soon! Little piece of advice: This lipstick is actually pretty glossy but I wanted it matte so it wasn’t too Barbie like soooo is it a magic trick? No, unless magic means it’s totally doable by us commoners…which I don’t think it is…if you could do magic you wouldn’t be common would you? No. Anyways point is…I used MAKE UP FOREVER HD Microfinish Powder on my lips and glossy goes to matte in an instant! Voila! I love that stuff. It makes your skin look like it came out of a magazine! a non glossy magazine that is you know cause it takes away the shine…so maybe like a newspaper ad! but that doesn’t sound very sexy…again POINT IS it works!