Trade You a Unicorn for Them

by Erika

I was over at my sister’s last night just hanging out and planning outfits for her big birthday party tonight and she suddenly says “I have to show you something!” disappears into her room and comes back and hands me these amazing sunglasses. The second I saw them I got all excited and tried them on and was checking myself out in the mirror imagining myself in a red convertible driving along the French coast wind blowing etc etc (we all do this ok?). I kept asking her where they were from (so I could secretly get a pair of my own) but she’s my sister so she knows me well and wouldn’t tell until I finally squeezed it out of her. Then she handed me the glass case, which I grabbed rather then was handed, and there was the pretty little logo in the corner…Chanel.

I confess as much as this may be a “fashion crime” I’m not a huge Chanel fan. Don’t get me wrong I totally respect it and everything it stands for (there is history there – you’ve seen the movie right? Right?!) and they do have some cool pieces but it wouldn’t be the first label I think of if I were offered a free shopping trip to a label of my choice. Although if I got a free shopping trip to Chanel I wouldn’t turn it down either 😉

Point is love the glasses!! And kind of putting my foot in my mouth cause I’m all like “I wouldn’t wear Chanel if u gave me a unicorn” but then I want these shades like its nobody’s business. Maybe my wonderful gorgeous funny and smart amazing sister will lend them to me… Please??