Head Gear

by Erika

…and I don’t mean the really unsexy highshool head gear you had to wear with you’re very cool multi coloured braces. I’ve always wanted to acquire a floppy hat but was afraid my ears would stick out as they always seem to do – I decided to throw caution to the wind and finally buy the hat I’ve been wanting forever! My boyfriend also came back from his little trip to Shanghai and some how in those few days fell in love with glasses and bought me a pair of bright red ones! I love them even though I look like a total dork.

Hat: BCBG, Glasses: street market in Shanghai

So we went out and about for a little stroll in West Village and got a few stares from strangers and were even stopped by one guy who poked his finger through my glasses…no, no lenses …I don’t actually neeeed them I just like to frame my eyes with unnecessary accessories duh!!

Scarf: unknown (somewhere in Brazil), Coat: DKNY, Sweater: Rery Collection (Brazilian), Blouse: Tsunoda Paris, Jeans: Forever21, Boots: Lucky Brand

And I’m wearing my new boots! Love ’em cause they’re all stretchy in the back and super comfy. Perfect for wandering around aimlessly.