The Revival Part 1

by Erika

The cold has officially arrived and I couldn’t fight it anymore…it was time to take out the coats! Now for those who don’t know pulling out the coats is a big deal because it means rearranging the whole wardrobe and usually disposing of some old clothes that are never worn and just take up space in order to make room for my coats and sweaters which lived in hibernation for the past 6 months. While clearing out my closet I decided to give some pieces a second chance at life. Therefore, we begin our first day of the revival! Each outfit integrating one piece that has been collecting dust and hiding away and I’ve now deemed worthy to make it out to the light.

Revival Piece: Blazer: Zara (old),

Shirt: J. Crew (men’s – stolen from boy’s closet), Jeans: J Brand, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Glasses: from a market in Shanghai, Necklace: Made it myself at Brooklyn Charm 

Already foreseeing that not all pieces will be a hit so let me know what you think! Revive or Recycle?