Welcome to the Masquerade!

by Erika

It was my sister’s brithday last weekend and boy did we party! It was sooo much fun because it was a masquerade themed party and since I missed Halloween cause I was busy trotting around as a tourist in Asia I wanted to get all dressed up and go all out! Obviously it had to all be toned down cause we were going to a hotel lounge and I had to look fancy shmancy and not like some dressed up psyco who didn’t realise halloween is only one day a year…cause these New York bouncers can be a little picky sometimes. Anyways I usually either only do my hair or only do my make-up (due to a lack of time and determination to make myself pretty all over I usually just go half put together) but here I did it all! First the hair…pum pum pummmmmm

I spent about 30 minutes trying another hairstyle with braids everywhere and I looked like a sad milk maid who got kicked by the cow she was milking and then tripped down a hill and rolled all the way to the bottom and landed on her head…so kept it relatively simple and made it up as I went.

And now ze make-up!

Just bought the MAC pencil liner and its amaaaazing…I know that word is totally overused on this blog but look I have real eyeliner on! That never happens…I always have to smudge it cause I can’t get it straight. I still need practice but I think it came out pretty good for a noob!

Bracelets Left to right: I have no idea where any of these bracelets are from…sorry!

Cause every girl needs bling

Shoes: Aldo (“borrowed” from sister)

I tried getting a pair but they were sold out! They’re actually a little more green than this but the colour is pretty poppin’ (new word instead of a amazing ok?)

And tun tun tuuuuun! The whole outfit!

And of course my mask! Which i was really silly and didn’t take a picture of before the party so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m as tipsy as my mask in this photo.