The Revival Part 3: Visiting Ma Momma

by Erika

I’ve been wanting to wear this scarf I have as a big bow for ages now but always felt its was a little too school girlie. So if you’re already out of school when do you wear it? How about visiting your mommy dearest! Then you can remind her of how at one stage you were young and in school and how it was totally appropriate back then to wear big bows and how just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean your desire for big bows has in any way diminished.

We were actually on our way out the door which is why I had my shades on. I’m no fool who wears shades in doors no sir!

Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Shirt and Skirt: Forever21, Scarf: unknown, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Fell in loooove with this vest I saw at BCBG! It was so funky and the faux fur was so soft! Definitely a way to spice up a wardrobe! Unfortunately I was on the hunt solely for soles and had my mom there to keep me on track. But I did walk around the store with it on for a good 40 minutes until I had to leave – gotta squeeze as much juice out as you can!