The Revival 4: Meow!

by Erika

…and not cause its hot. But I got caught in the rain on my way home and wasn’t really looking presentable so I thought I’d bring  my Saffy into the picture ’cause she’s always adorable!! The piece to come back out into the daylight isssss….tweed pants!

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Forever21, Shoes: Aldo (last seen here), Necklace: home-made, Cat head: Saffy (one of a kind and its mine!)

So I’m keeping really realz here because I had just come out of the rain and so the dark spots on my pants is just wet pant from the rain so no I did not have some sort of “accident” through my knees no siree, I’m just a little bit scruffy that’s all. Who doesn’t love a little scruff? Or as my friends call me ‘disheveled’. Serious debate about these wide legged pants though…its one of those pieces that seems to look good on everyone else but when I put them on I’m just not so sure. So what do you think?