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Month: December, 2011

Time Off

Hey guys! So sorry I’ve been so MIA but I’m going to e MIA for a little longer as I’m on holiday! Hope you’re having as much fun as I am! Happy New Year!!!



Back to Black

Someone at work commented on how colourful I was today…I looked down at my outfit and the only colourful thing I was wearing was my scarf and that’s when it hit me. I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately which is not really my MO since for the longest time I’ve always found it very severe but you see my roommate wears black all the time everyday and looks amazing – she loves it! Guess its true what they say about women who are close to their friends…You start synching with each others “moods”. Either that or I’m becoming a real New Yorker…

Jacket: Walter, Scarf: can’t remember!, Sweater: Zara, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Watch: Swatch

Necklaces: Vintage (what can I say my mom has good taste), Ring: unknown

My ring was a gift from a friend of mine and one of my favourite pieces but all that I know is that it’s by a Brazilian designer.

Running Around

I was running around all day when I wore this because I was a little tired of wearing jeans but it was raining that day and I didn’t want to worry about a skirt being blown up by the wind Marylin Monroe style so stuck to my cropped leather trim pants from H&M which I love!

Coat: DKNY, Sweater: Forever21, Blouse: Central Park West, Pants: H&M

Yes that is a bag full of heels! Had to try on my dress for a wedding and took some shoes with me to see what worked best!

Watch: Swatch, Ring: Studio Barse

Touch of Turquoise

It was my roommate’s birthday and I took her to one of my faaaavourite restaurants The Fat Radish. Yum! Anyway…you know when you get into that mood where all you want to wear is that one piece all the time?  Whether its old or new, borrowed or blue. That’s how I feel about these shoes and they’re new, borrowed AND blue! Score three out of four!

Sweater: H&M, Shorts: Shoulder (Brazilian), Stalkings: Hue, Shoes: Aldo

Orange necklace: Forever21, Turquoise necklace: brazilian street fair, Ring: Sitkando

I’m not curageous enough yet to wear a whole outfit in one colour and look like a smurf or marshmallow or a living breathing colour swatch monster…but baby steps baby steps…

Night to Day

No, this is no walk of shame day after situation. Just the story of a girl with a pretty dress she wants to wear  out without looking like she’s 6 hours too late (or early) for the party. When I saw this dress I had to have it! For some reason I tend to veer away from prints even though I love them but the second I saw this print I was all like “I need that print on me”. So the dress has been sitting in my closet for the past few months untouched with the exceptions of my birthday party and one or two other nights. The dress isn’t too fancy it’s just one of those “I think it’s special so I’m too scared I’ll ruin it by wearing it” situations. Anyways, New attitude…clothes are meant to be worn! Revelations I know! Enough rambling… to the dress!

Dress: French Connection

Sweater: Forever21, Belt: Zara, Shoes: Steve Madden

And we begin the layers! Throw on a sweater and army-like belt and some brightly coloured wedges

Bracelets: purple and red: Links of London, the rest are from Hong Kong and Thailand, Ring: Attualita (Brazilian)

Loooove knotting my belts! This belt actually came from a pair of shorts – I wore the shorts once and don’t remeber what i’ve done with them or if I even still have them…but I kept the belt.  And now to another layer!

Chambray Shirt: Forever21

And if you’re thinking you’re bad ass pop your collar and show everyone how bad ass you really are-n’t

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