Touch of Turquoise

by Erika

It was my roommate’s birthday and I took her to one of my faaaavourite restaurants The Fat Radish. Yum! Anyway…you know when you get into that mood where all you want to wear is that one piece all the time?  Whether its old or new, borrowed or blue. That’s how I feel about these shoes and they’re new, borrowed AND blue! Score three out of four!

Sweater: H&M, Shorts: Shoulder (Brazilian), Stalkings: Hue, Shoes: Aldo

Orange necklace: Forever21, Turquoise necklace: brazilian street fair, Ring: Sitkando

I’m not curageous enough yet to wear a whole outfit in one colour and look like a smurf or marshmallow or a living breathing colour swatch monster…but baby steps baby steps…