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Month: February, 2012

Sweet San Francisco

I just realised I forgot to post my photos from my trip to San Francisco! I know it’s just because I live in New York and the only nature and sky I get to see is whatever you can see squeezed between skyscrapers and brown stones but the beauty of San Francisco always blows me away.

Pictures from my new Kodak instant camera that I got for Christmas!


Checks, Stripes and Bright Pink

I just found these photos! It was cold the other day but in my ever eternal attempt to keep sunny days alive by wearing clothes brighter than the sun outside I refused to give in to the cold and gloom!

Jacket: Theory, Sweater: Forever21, Jeans: Comptoir des Cotonniers

Headband: Forever21, Scarf: Furla, Purse: Elliot Lucca

This headband and scarf combo kept me warm all winter! Although it wasn’t really thaaaat cold this winter…but you know sometimes I couldn’t feel my ears or nose…

This cuff is my new obsession. It actually took me a while to figure out how to make it work but once I magically decided it matched everything it never left my wrist.

Weather Report: Rainy with a Little Colour

After not sleeping all night and waking up to a rainy Friday there wasn’t much to inspire me this morning. So basics are a girls best friend and when I don’t think my creative brain can work I try and keep it simple with a little hint of colour of course! After living with my roommate, who is addictied to black grey and every shade in between, as long as I have I’ve noticed that I actually can’t leave the house without at least a little bit of colour to brighten even a rainy day.

Necklace, Belt and Jeans: Forever 21, Shirt: J. Crew Men’s, Boots: my ever faithful Dolce Vita‘s

Coat: Rachel Zoe, Scarf: Unknown

And some lovely eye candy I got this Christmas – and no, my boyfriend did not wrap himself up as a gift and then nimbly hide under my little christmas tree… he he he?

Nothing like some solid accessories to make your day!

Happy Friday everyone!

Props to Pops of Orange

I don’t usually do re-posts but this absolutely blew me away! Total props to Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific. I’m loving this whole fancy to casual fad we’re going through. Wearing fancy skirts or dresses during the day with just a pullover or boots – making more out of your wardrobe! Obviously Blair here keeps it very classic as she always does …

I’m in love with orange lately… not like I’ve been obvious about it or anything…

Never Old

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! This couldn’t be more true for the brand Please Machine . Anna Zaboeva is definitely a designer that inspires. Growing up in Budapest she’s taken advantage of lomtalanítás, what seems to be a custom in her home town, where people basically clear out their homes and closets. Zaboeva takes materials she finds that are being thrown out and makes shoes out of them. I know people aren’t usually into this whole “recycling” clothes idea but you should be! and you know what you can’t even tell! Each piece looks as new as any other new piece out there! Love the idea and hope more designers take a cue from her.

Each piece is unique so you better grab it if you like it!

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