Weather Report: Rainy with a Little Colour

by Erika

After not sleeping all night and waking up to a rainy Friday there wasn’t much to inspire me this morning. So basics are a girls best friend and when I don’t think my creative brain can work I try and keep it simple with a little hint of colour of course! After living with my roommate, who is addictied to black grey and every shade in between, as long as I have I’ve noticed that I actually can’t leave the house without at least a little bit of colour to brighten even a rainy day.

Necklace, Belt and Jeans: Forever 21, Shirt: J. Crew Men’s, Boots: my ever faithful Dolce Vita‘s

Coat: Rachel Zoe, Scarf: Unknown

And some lovely eye candy I got this Christmas – and no, my boyfriend did not wrap himself up as a gift and then nimbly hide under my little christmas tree… he he he?

Nothing like some solid accessories to make your day!

Happy Friday everyone!