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Month: April, 2012

Mix and Match

Happy FRIDAAAAAAAAY! The other night I wasn’t really sure what to wear to be honest. Dinner with the boyfriend at my favourite Mexican restaurant, La Superior, so I wanted to semi-dress up but wasn’t feeling heels, I wanted to be comfy but wear something cute, … I know I wear this dress a lot but it just happens to go with everything! (Tribal prints are an investment piece yes? Yes.) And just goes to show you how you can get so many outfits out of one single piece! So here’s to my efforts of impressing my boy without depressing my feet.

Blazer: Theory, Dress worn as skirt: Forever21, Sweater: Anthropologie, Boots: Lucky Brand

Boy took this shot and let me walk out the door so guess he approved! Do you?


More textures please

I’m back! Sorry had a mini issue last week…lost my memory card – or at least I thought I had. It “magically” appeared at my sisters place. Aaaaanyway today I bring you textures! Since the weather has been so hot and cold and sunny and rainy and all mixed up why not mix things up to go along? Leather, knits, and pleats oh my!

Leather jacket: Walter, Sweater and Scarf: Forever21, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Dolce Vita

My poor booties they get so worn – but to me they are the perfect pair of boots ever made. they make everything look put together. I will seriously cry if they ever go beyond the point of no return.  And I just realized these photo do no justice to my skirt – its navy blue pleated! so pretty. oh well next time i’ll show it off better.

So how we feeling about my background huh? Haven’t touched those paintings in a while…guess its time to finally finish them! Maybe next time it rains…

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Drum roooooll! Trumpets! Fancy flags! prrrrrrrumpumpum! This people is my sista! And yes while she looks twelve she is in fact not…she is my older sister so I forgive you for assuming she wasn’t. Forgiven forgiven! So we had an amazing weekend and raided the smorgasbord fair in Williamsburg. That place is daaaangerous! Tacos, lobsters rolls, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, ribs…mmmm we ate well my friends 😉 While I was not looking particularly inspiring (was wearing bf clothes since I was too lazy to go home and put real clothes on) my sister made up well for my lack of flash and showed up in mint coloured jeans that I am scheming to steal, a cute blouse with cut outs, leopard print flats and those Chanel glasses I told her I’d give her a unicorn for…seems she still hasn’t made up her mind – Unicorn? Chanel shades? It’s a tricky one I know.

Jeans and blouse: Zara (…sorry that’s all I know.)

Hopefully we share the same jeans as we do genes! ha ha? yes? no? ok.

Anchoring It

Hmmm another sailor, boating, nautical related post! This is my new favourite shirt that I found at the bottom of my sister’s closet with tags and all and she didn’t want it! I’ve got a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of this shirt this summer!

Jacket: Theory, Shirt: Unknown, Jeans, Forever21, Boots: Dolce Vita, Purse: Nine West

Necklaces: Forever 21 and Vintage, Bracelets: Unknown, Forever21, Francesca Romana

Ahoy Matey Arrrr

Yes, I threw a little scarf around my neck and thought I was a sailor-ish-y kinda…

Jacket and Dress worn as Skirt: Forever 21, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Arezzo, Scarf: Vintage

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