Against the Wall

by Erika

Spent the afternoon scouting out locations. Yes scouting…locations…for a little project I’m working on with my sister. I’ll obviously be updating you once we’re you know…ready for the internets. But I took the opportunity to take some outdoor shots which I never do cause I’m way too shy … so nothing like trying to camouflage against a red brick wall! Can you see me can you can you?!

Shirt and Dress worn as skirt: Forever 21, Jacket: Walter, Purse: Betsy Johnson, Shoes: Arezzo

Jacket: DKNY, Shoes: BCBG

This technically should be more of a day to night post but seeing as I took a picture of my night outfit the next day…hehmmm… Guess it’s a day to day post! I mean hey if its one of those outfits you feel like you rock then rock it…twice if you have to!