More textures please

by Erika

I’m back! Sorry had a mini issue last week…lost my memory card – or at least I thought I had. It “magically” appeared at my sisters place. Aaaaanyway today I bring you textures! Since the weather has been so hot and cold and sunny and rainy and all mixed up why not mix things up to go along? Leather, knits, and pleats oh my!

Leather jacket: Walter, Sweater and Scarf: Forever21, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Dolce Vita

My poor booties they get so worn – but to me they are the perfect pair of boots ever made. they make everything look put together. I will seriously cry if they ever go beyond the point of no return.  And I just realized these photo do no justice to my skirt – its navy blue pleated! so pretty. oh well next time i’ll show it off better.

So how we feeling about my background huh? Haven’t touched those paintings in a while…guess its time to finally finish them! Maybe next time it rains…