by Erika

So it seems that while my iPhone is the center of my universe and I expect it to do everything and anything I ask (it has yet to learn to clean up my apartment and print out $100 bills at my command) it was a little bit of a shock when it told me that it was full. And so I remembered that the little guy can only take so much and sometimes needs a detox to purge it of my incessant picture snapping and old music that would be getting rusty were music still made of…well whatever, vinyls? It’s quite impressive how the pictures on your phone really seem to tell a lot about you. A much better party ice-breaker game than “what’s in your pockets?” for sure. I, for example, am obsessed with three things it seems:

1) Food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, night caps, alcohol (that’s food right?)

2) Saffy – my cat who has claimed the role of alarm clock except without the snooze button

3) Taking poorly composed pictures on the fly of what I’m wearing

And I only just noticed i’m wearing the same shoes in each picture…guess I’m getting my money’s worth!

So there you have it just in case there wasn’t enough of a visual information overload in your day 😉 What does your phone say about you?