Am I Cool Enough Sir?

by Erika

I had a friend in town visiting last weekend so we got the old crew together and decided to do what we did best and go to a club. While clubbing was all fine and dandy in college and there wasn’t a night of the week that we didn’t make the effort to reach some dark sweaty pit with looping techno beats and top 40’s remixes lately such nights had apparently made it out of my weekly routine and into the category of things I only do when a friend is in town visiting. I only realized how I had become such an outsider to this scene once I was already standing between a girl with too much leather on for a) summer b) a crowded club and some nerd, Brooklynite, hipster whose specs were unconventionally large and suspiciously lacking of actual lenses. Regardless it was fun and after all the time I’ve spent not going clubbing I think I made a pretty good effort to blend right in. So for some inspiration for your weekend (weekends start on Thursdays didn’t you  know?) here’s the look that I deemed good enough for wiggling my booty to music I didn’t recognize, downing some vodka with old friends, and getting offered a joint while waiting in line for the bathroom.

Tank: DKNY, Skirt: H&M, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Purse: See by Chloe, 

Was it a big mistake? Should the doorman have rejected me?