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Against the Wall

Spent the afternoon scouting out locations. Yes scouting…locations…for a little project I’m working on with my sister. I’ll obviously be updating you once we’re you know…ready for the internets. But I took the opportunity to take some outdoor shots which I never do cause I’m way too shy … so nothing like trying to camouflage against a red brick wall! Can you see me can you can you?!

Shirt and Dress worn as skirt: Forever 21, Jacket: Walter, Purse: Betsy Johnson, Shoes: Arezzo

Jacket: DKNY, Shoes: BCBG

This technically should be more of a day to night post but seeing as I took a picture of my night outfit the next day…hehmmm… Guess it’s a day to day post! I mean hey if its one of those outfits you feel like you rock then rock it…twice if you have to!


Night to Day

No, this is no walk of shame day after situation. Just the story of a girl with a pretty dress she wants to wear  out without looking like she’s 6 hours too late (or early) for the party. When I saw this dress I had to have it! For some reason I tend to veer away from prints even though I love them but the second I saw this print I was all like “I need that print on me”. So the dress has been sitting in my closet for the past few months untouched with the exceptions of my birthday party and one or two other nights. The dress isn’t too fancy it’s just one of those “I think it’s special so I’m too scared I’ll ruin it by wearing it” situations. Anyways, New attitude…clothes are meant to be worn! Revelations I know! Enough rambling… to the dress!

Dress: French Connection

Sweater: Forever21, Belt: Zara, Shoes: Steve Madden

And we begin the layers! Throw on a sweater and army-like belt and some brightly coloured wedges

Bracelets: purple and red: Links of London, the rest are from Hong Kong and Thailand, Ring: Attualita (Brazilian)

Loooove knotting my belts! This belt actually came from a pair of shorts – I wore the shorts once and don’t remeber what i’ve done with them or if I even still have them…but I kept the belt.  And now to another layer!

Chambray Shirt: Forever21

And if you’re thinking you’re bad ass pop your collar and show everyone how bad ass you really are-n’t

Day ‘n Night: Keeping it Casual

It was one of those days when all I wanted to wear was something really comfortable…so I pulled out my “boyfriend” jeans and ballerina flats and ran out the door. To be honest I was against the whole boyfriend jean look when it first came out…I mean baggy pants that don’t fit who needs that?! Turns out I do! They are comfy and now they’re stylish so guess its a win win. I win!

Sweater: Zara (old collection), Jeans: Triton (Brazilian)

Shoes: Arezzo (Brazilian brand)

These are one of my favourite pair of shoes – they are lace and beaded and make me feel like dancing around!

I had to run out to dinner that same night and decided to turn this look into a “day to night”-ish post….a casual day and night cause what I wore to go out at night could really be worn during the day so maybe it’s a day to day post??

Jacket: Elie Tahari, Jeans: Forever21, Belt: Vintage, Boots: Lucky Brand, Purse: Nine West

Short necklace: Forever21, Long necklace: Pinkyotto

I did make an effort with my hair though! My first fishtail braid! Took me a while and I still need to master it but think it came out ok right?

Day to Night? or Day to Day? How cares as long as I have clothes on right?

Day ‘n Night The First

Because this wouldn’t be a legit blog without one…my first day-to-night post!

We begin with the outfit…a billowy polka-dotted blouse and bright skirt (just cause fall has arrived doesn’t mean colours have to disappear! I refuse!) and some stockings ’cause the heater in my apartment has still not been turned on and baby it’s cold outside!

The canvas:

blouse: H&M, skirt: Forever21, stockings: Hue

Buongiorno! For the daylight:

booties: Arezzo, cardigan: BCBG MAXAZRIA, leather jacket: Walter

And for the night-light… Buonasera!

heels: Bebe, purse: Arezzo

Cause when you’ve got 10 minutes on the clock to walk in the door, take a breath after a 5 story walk-up, get ready and back out the door there’s nothing like some high heels and a clutch to primp up an outfit.

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