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New in at Truce!

Hey here’s a peak of our latest additions to the Truce collection!

What do you think? What are your favourites?


Wanted: Summer Dresses

As the temperature rises I’ve realised I really need to refurbish my dress collection. The reason being that most of them I bought before I got a job and while I’m not really about showing it all off most of them just aren’t work appropriate…I do also need a few for the weekends 😉

Here are my top picks so far:

YOOX Collection

Amour Vert

Amour Vert

And of course dresses for fun:

 I’m absolutely in love with this dress!

The Reformation

The Reformation

And for cocktail parties or maybe for one of the many weddings I have lined up this fall

The Reformation

Never Old

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! This couldn’t be more true for the brand Please Machine . Anna Zaboeva is definitely a designer that inspires. Growing up in Budapest she’s taken advantage of lomtalanítás, what seems to be a custom in her home town, where people basically clear out their homes and closets. Zaboeva takes materials she finds that are being thrown out and makes shoes out of them. I know people aren’t usually into this whole “recycling” clothes idea but you should be! and you know what you can’t even tell! Each piece looks as new as any other new piece out there! Love the idea and hope more designers take a cue from her.

Each piece is unique so you better grab it if you like it!

Update: Yes, I’m Alive ;)

Hi Guys! I’m alive! Sorry 2012 has been quite a hectic year so far! Life kinda just happened at me you know?! zero control but it’s now Friday and I have time to pause and breath and actually blog…  and in a few hours the craziness will start all over again of course.

What better way to start the year off with new outfits!

I have a few weddings this year and I already have a dress but it definitely needs a blouse or blazer over the top cause there’s just way to much skin going on that it’s a little inappropriate for a wedding I think. And I’m meeting my boy’s entire extended family so I want to look like the girl you bring home to the family not the girl you take home for the night right? Right! (I try at least)

So I hit one of my favourite stores…I mean it was standing right there as I walked by asking me ..luring me with all its  bright new spring collection how could any normal person resist?

First look (and no this is not the dress I’m wearing to the wedding)

Jacket and shoes: BCBG, Dress: Forever 21

Loved the jacket it fit really well and the shoes were ORANGE! so that automatically puts them in the awesome category.

Look Two:

Jacket and shoes: BCBG

I mean these shoooooes! (obsessions much?)

Look three:

Jacket and shoes:BCBG

This jacket and these shoes are now sitting very happily in my closet 😉

Just a little taster to kick start the new year! Will be back to post more! Also I got a new camera or rather new cameraS! so exciiiiited! Stay tuned! (overuse of exclamations points much? I just missed you guys…)

The Revival Part 3: Visiting Ma Momma

I’ve been wanting to wear this scarf I have as a big bow for ages now but always felt its was a little too school girlie. So if you’re already out of school when do you wear it? How about visiting your mommy dearest! Then you can remind her of how at one stage you were young and in school and how it was totally appropriate back then to wear big bows and how just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean your desire for big bows has in any way diminished.

We were actually on our way out the door which is why I had my shades on. I’m no fool who wears shades in doors no sir!

Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Shirt and Skirt: Forever21, Scarf: unknown, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Fell in loooove with this vest I saw at BCBG! It was so funky and the faux fur was so soft! Definitely a way to spice up a wardrobe! Unfortunately I was on the hunt solely for soles and had my mom there to keep me on track. But I did walk around the store with it on for a good 40 minutes until I had to leave – gotta squeeze as much juice out as you can!

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