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In a Woman’s Size Please!

Everyone’s talking about it- the H&M Versace Show is probably one of the most anticipated shows in a while (yes i realize there was fashion week in September but this show speaks to a with wider audience with uuuusually smaller yet stylin’ wallets). I watched the show (from my front row seat at my laptop) and turns out the piece I wanted the most was actually the orange men’s suit with zebra print lining! It was all I could think of and there were some pretty wackadoodle outfits in there. Cross my fingers they have it in a women’s size!

I even have orange shoes and blouse to match! I’d be an orange bundle of happiness!!


Proenza Schouler NYFW

I got really lucky and my roommate couldn’t make it to the Proenza Schuler fashion show so she gave me her ticket! LOVED IT! The black knit dresses and embroidered tops were my favourite. Also, the tailoring of the skirts, pants and blazers was so elegantly asymmetrical that I kept staring at the seams!

Take a peek!

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