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Brooklyn Brunch

I have to confess I’ve become a little bit of snob…Whenever I don’t get to have brunch in Brooklyn a little part of me dies. It’s just so good! Like my skirt, not that brunch and my skirt have anything to do with each other but I got this from Madewell and it’s definitely going to turn into a go-to piece for this summer!

Shirt: Ella Moss, Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Purse: Kenneth Cole, Shades: Coach, Necklaces: Vintage and Forever21

Happy brunching this weekend!


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Drum roooooll! Trumpets! Fancy flags! prrrrrrrumpumpum! This people is my sista! And yes while she looks twelve she is in fact not…she is my older sister so I forgive you for assuming she wasn’t. Forgiven forgiven! So we had an amazing weekend and raided the smorgasbord fair in Williamsburg. That place is daaaangerous! Tacos, lobsters rolls, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, ribs…mmmm we ate well my friends 😉 While I was not looking particularly inspiring (was wearing bf clothes since I was too lazy to go home and put real clothes on) my sister made up well for my lack of flash and showed up in mint coloured jeans that I am scheming to steal, a cute blouse with cut outs, leopard print flats and those Chanel glasses I told her I’d give her a unicorn for…seems she still hasn’t made up her mind – Unicorn? Chanel shades? It’s a tricky one I know.

Jeans and blouse: Zara (…sorry that’s all I know.)

Hopefully we share the same jeans as we do genes! ha ha? yes? no? ok.

Props to Pops of Orange

I don’t usually do re-posts but this absolutely blew me away! Total props to Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific. I’m loving this whole fancy to casual fad we’re going through. Wearing fancy skirts or dresses during the day with just a pullover or boots – making more out of your wardrobe! Obviously Blair here keeps it very classic as she always does …

I’m in love with orange lately… not like I’ve been obvious about it or anything…

Chasing Coat Tails

Funny enough the title of this post couldn’t be more true. I mean I’m not obsessed with coat tails or anything…but I do love me some layers!! especially when playing with different lengths and there’s some peekaboo action going on. By peekaboo I mean you can see the clothes underneath the clothes get it? No aaaactual peekabooing guys gross. Anyways…I saw this girl speed walking down the street New York style and I had to snap a picture cause a) her sweater had elbow patches (elbow patches are always awesome) b) she had this boots that seemed like she had traveled back to the 1920’s or whenever they were in style and decided to get herself an original pair and c) she had a little bit of jean coat tail going on. (yes JEAN!)

Unfortunately she was walking too fast for me to chase her down so had to take a stalker photo from behind… The guy next to me seemed to think that was not normal… Don’t think he understands the whole panic involved in capturing a photo of an unknowing moving target and the desperation of getting that pic to later post! Oh well he wasn’t wearing any cool shoes anyway…


Seeee!?!! So worth being a creepy stalker!

Oh and PS YEY to my first mobile post!! Hope it comes out ok!

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