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Happy 4th

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! And if you don’t celebrate 4th of July hope you had a great hump day 😉


Walking By

Although I usually try to fight wearing black this dress has become a quick summer favourite. It’s light weight and such a versatile cut…I’ve already worn it here with jean shorts (which I refuse to call jorts!) and with tights. But thank god that I didn’t return my too-short-to-wear-in-public running shorts cause they came in handy under this dress since it was so windy..oh yeah and then there was a thunderstorm and pouring rain so I definitely flashed about 90% of East Villagers that day – the rest were probably too busy stuffing their faces at brunch…ok so then maybe I only flashed about 10% then. We East Villagers like our brunch 😉

Dress: Joie, Boots: Ted Baker, Purse: Elliot Lucca

Time Off

Hey guys! So sorry I’ve been so MIA but I’m going to e MIA for a little longer as I’m on holiday! Hope you’re having as much fun as I am! Happy New Year!!!


Little Suitcase

I just got back from a “little” holiday – and by little I mean I flew half way across the world (literally!) to Hong Kong and then paid a not so little visit to Malaysia (truly Asia!! – no i’m not weird it’s their tourism moto thing going on) And dudes it was amaaaazing! I don’t speak the language, we got lost down sketchy alleyways and got yelled at by a little old woman missing teeth but it was soooo much fun! I could go on and on about it but the focus here is style. My boyfriend decided he was gonna do the whole backpack thing…hmmm yeah me not so much …so I just decided to slightly play along and bring a “liiittle” suitcase. it was pretty compact so limited wardrobe choices – which I actually found intriguing trying make something up with the limited stuff I had. So mix and match baby! mix and match!

Ooooh wore flower print shorts to try and trick all the butterflies at the butterfly park to land on me so I could steal them! MUAHAHAHA ……..

Shades: Ray-Ban, Scarf: H&M, T-shirt and shorts: Forever21, Shoes: Converse, Purse: Kenneth Cole


Then there were waterfalls! So I haaaaaad to jump in!

 Purse: Rock Lily (Brazilian)

Contemplating the beautiful waterfalls and how I wish I had worn a bikini…

Showing off the “Please close your windows and doors as Monkeys may get in to you hotel room” sign…so modelesque aren’t I??

Shirt: Forver21, Dress worn as skirt: Fit (Brazilian), Shoes: Arezzo (Brazilian)

This is ma faaaaaavourite dress. The material is amaaaaazing and I haven’t found anything like it in the US – the brand makes a lot of their clothes out of this material and it’s like wearing water – not that you’re wet or that it sticks to you…its just so smooth and light and fits soooo nice! I feel like a princess every time I wear this! I’d live in it if I could!! Anyways…they are a little more conservative in Malaysia being all muslim and stuff and it just so happened that the week we were there was some sort of Arab holiday so all the women at the hotel were wearing full on black burqas so I decided to be polite and throw on a blouse over it since the dress shows a lot of skin on top (verrry nice)… do I look more tan?!!! Do I do I?!

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